Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Delusion

Working on something creative often creates a thick delusion of reality. Be it music, art, writing, movies - it's all the same. You created something that has been a labor of love and you are excited that it is near completion. The delusion lies in the fact that (1) it can be improved and (2) it's not the best thing ever made.

You have to learn to take a step back and realize that unless you have created the most revolutionary book of the decade, a stranger won't care about your work just yet. Face it, it's not the most amazing thing ever made. When you finish your first draft you need to get into business mode and occupy your thoughts on how to improve what you have. Too many people get caught up in the moment of the greatness it may become instead of what they actually have. It is a sight far too common in Hollywood where someone finishes a script or film and think it's amazing and all good things will just come pouring in.

Its a good thing to be excited about your book, but you have to be realistic. Hundreds of thousands of book are published each year. Billions of books are in existence. Not to say you can't write anything new or unique - but you, as one of the many, are creating another one of the many books to be published. It is your job to make it the best book it can be. Ensure you do everything possible to improve what you have. Make it THAT much better. Realize that you may be overly excited about what you created beacuse...YOU CREATED IT. Just because you finished a manuscript doesn't mean it's anywhere near where it should.

Don't be delusional. Set your creative expectations high and your rewards of awards, fame, and fortune low: they are a nasty means to drive your determination. Don't count on the big score to be your one and only chance for your book to shine. Why did you write your book to begin with? Is your goal to create an amazing book or to be on Oprah and become famous? Whatever your goal is, concentrate on fulfilling it and don't let the delusion take over.

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