Monday, May 17, 2010

The Books

Over the last three years I must have earned the equivalent of an associates degree from the amount of books I read regarding book publishing, self-publishing, and marketing. The most essential thing you can do if you are interested in publishing (even if you have a publisher, it doesn't matter) is to read the following books. These are the top books that I have read and are vital for anyone even remotely connected with publishing a book to read. If you have a book you want to develop, I can't say how important it is that you read all five of these books right away, if not a few additional ones you find ony uor own. It's a long process and the sooner you soak in all the information the better.

#1 - The Self-Publishing Manual (Link)
#2 - Plug Your Book (Link)
#3 - 1,001 Ways to Market your Books (Link)
#4 - New Rules of Marketing and PR (Link)

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