Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Goodreads and Librarything are amazing sites - they are the facebook for books with a variety of links and options (not to mention book giveaway contests).  I am trying for the life of me to have my PUBLICATION company listed as an option to purchase (all boks have the appropriate amazon and BN links).  But for both these sites, there is no option to add an independent seller.  This is problematic since if someone buys a book from amazon - I have to share a profit of that sale.  That profit is %55!  
If a buyer buys from my company's website, not only is it the SAME PRICE, but I also include free shipping AND I'm going to include a free goody! So not only does the buyer get something fun for free, they also get FREE SHIPPING for an item under $25!  It's pretty hard to accept the fact that I will get $10 for every amazon sale, which is fine since I love amazon, but because buyers won't know they can buy it from me at all.

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