Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review Review Reviews

The most important thing your book can have are reviews.  People don't know your book exists and reviews is how they will not only learn it exists but become exited that it does and maybe buy it.  Ads don't work - people don't like ads.  What people do like are reviews to get them exited about a product.  There are a lot of dos and don't with getting reviews and approaching people to write a review.  If you are interested in a newspaper, magazine, blog, or writer to read your book and write a review, most likely 500+ other people are too, so think of a creative way to get noticed.

While my book is not with a well known publisher, I am doing all I can to get reviews even though I am obviously small-game compared to anything a well-established author can carry.  Sending to big newspapers would be a waste because they don't care.  I emailed a freelance writer who was laid off from a city newspaper about reviewing my book with a very nice email personalizing the book work and my unique title.  This person's response:

"Yes, I certainly know about The ******* decreasing its workforce. They laid me off in 2008...I just freelance for them now. And last year they stopped commissioning reviews...they have to use a prepackaged review page supplied by Tribune Co., which owns the *******.
So I cannot review the book, no matter how good it is...."

So the lesson is: any big name doesn't care about you no matter what. Think of a way around the wall.

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