Saturday, September 11, 2010


Much of this blog is talking in the past tense so I suppose this post is one of the few current, unanswered ponders of real time.  My printer sent me their final invoice and should be shipping my order of 3,000 books soon.  This shipping process entails a freight delivery of probably 65-85 boxes.  AYE!
It's a good thing I have a large storage garage behind my apartment, I would surely be out of luck without it.  That and the print overrun was 200 books, so there are a few additional boxes for me.
I don't know if I have my math right (considering I didn't do any) but I should be able to fit the majority of my books in my storage.  If not, hopefully the spill-over will be minimal and housing those boxes in the apartment won't be troublesome.
But now I need a shipping center - a place for my books (or the open box of books) by stickers, stamps, tape, mailers, etc.  Lots of random things I need to do.  Oh, let's not forget the wooden floor easles/palettes for the ground.  I think the last thing I want is to receive me entire shipment and have a simple rain ruin everything.

Last night I took a trip to Home Depot and bought wood to create two large palettes to act as floors for the boxes of books that I receive soon (162 boxes!).  But I figure they will be small since doing the math, is only 18-20 books per box.  Considering I am not constructing boards for a warehouse I don't need to fit regulation dimensions with these palettes.  Three 2x4's with a bunch of thin pine strips connecting.  WALLAH!

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