Wednesday, August 18, 2010


At a somewhat quick turnaround I received a set of proofs from 1106 Design, my layout/design company dealing with a variety of tasks from interior layout to proofreading to cover design. This was really exciting. An email was sent to me with two PDFs, each of the same 30 random pages with different options placed within. This was pure bliss to say the least - my first glimpse of my book as a real, professional looking book.

The differences between the two PDFs were minimal but catered toward different interests and got me thinking to all the different things I could ask for on top of it. the only thing I didn't like from either was the choice of font for the title of each story. Each seemed amateur and not a font to be taken seriously (think comic sans or worse). This stuck in my head as an off thing since everything else looked great.

I quickly printed the two PDFs and analyzed them carefully and sent my requests to which sample held the best placement of random things: placement of book page number, style of listing the current chapter, margins, chapter layout, etc.

This was truly exciting...

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