Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Another item i didn't plan to far in advance for was galleys. With my print order in place, I will be getting all my books more than 4 months prior to the publication date, so I am set for advanced copies and the standard 4-month buffer. However, some places REQUIRE a galley otherwise, no dice. This is not pleasant since galleys cost more than your book (unless you are going to order a few thousand of them) so there is no interest in paying $500 for 50/100 books when you REALLY only need to send out 10-30 or so. Advanced books are the way to go (well see when I do this).

However, I still needed galleys and have no desire to pay $500 for them. I'd rather print them myself, which is more expensive per copy and they don't look as nice, but in the end would be cheaper. A friend of mine who published prior to be gave me great advice when I asked her what to do (being on the fence to just forgetting everything). The advice was brilliant:

"Ask your printer to make some 'dummy copies' (books with no cover - jut the bound innards"

Perfect! It's the same thing and it's already being made. The verdict? I emailed my rep at my printer and asked if this was possible. YES. So 50 of my 3,000 books will be turned into cover-less galleys for my use. A minor additional cost for the extra handling and an additional 50 dust jackets to have as extras.

This is perfect: a tiny added fee for a box of galleys and the only downside is that I will only have 2950 books instead of 3,000. Seeing how I will be able to ship the galleys out with the 4-month bubble, I am all set.

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