Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Drought

As mentioned, I had what I refer to as a drought when working on this book. Ultimately, I'm glad it happened. Many months passed that I didn't even touch the book, let alone think about it. I was in a complete financial struggle and working as many random gigs as I could to stay afloat. In July 2009, I got a real job with a real salary and security and immediately re-started Selected Shorts full-time. It's been one years since I got this moving in full gear and now it's done and will be sent off to the printer in a few weeks.

Talking about the delusion of greatness, I was ready to finish this book and "self-publish" it early 2009. What was I thinking? I cannot stress how embarrassingly bad the book's condition was back then. No way would I have gotten Antonio's artwork in by then and should I have published it, it would only look like a pathetic amateurish attempt at making a book. Luckily I did a number of things. I took months off not thinking about it. When I returned I read through the book again and couldn't believe the number of mistakes and poorly written sentences. That was gigantic: to take a step away from the book and then be able to re-read it through another est of eyes. I then found an editor, which I will discuss further, who really took all the embarrassing things out of it. I then had my father re-read a few stories and then also have fiance read the stories (mainly the long ones) I had problems with. THEN, as the book was being laid out, had a final proof-reader mark down the major problems. Where there major problems? YES! Not many, but there was a lot of little things (perfect grammar) and then a few terrible things caught (maybe 10 really bad things).

In the end I re-read this book countless times. My father read through it 1.5 times, my brother read through it one, an editor re through it once, and proof-reader read through it, and my fiance read through the 8 longest stories. All of this takes time. The more time the better. Of course it's a creative project and it's never really "done" but there is certainly the lines between embarrassing, bad, good, and very good. Make it the best you can- I am surely glad this drought happened. Not only is the book 10x better, but it's also a real book and not a POD or "self-published" book that I pay profits to some lame company for no reason.

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