Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I knew getting into it that Antonio would not complete things on time. But this was ok, I had no idea when I needed things done. All I knew is that I wanted the artwork 100% complete by the time the book was 100% complete, so I did have time.

Once his new wave of illustrations came out I was excited and prepared to keep it organized. Once a week I emailed him with his total illustrations received and numbers still needed. He fell behind very quickly. The deadline was November 2009 and the weekly updates soon escalated from needing to complete 2 to 3 a week to 5 to 6. He went weeks without a single illustration sent to me. And the ones he did send to me were not usable. Everything was always changing. Sometimes he sent me a near complete digital illustration and sometimes he sent me a bad, blurry scan of a drawing with a pen. Yes, a PEN.

*never the resolution I needed them at (always VERY small - often too small for printing)
*would add ridiculous gags in them for amusement only (something telling me to keep them in)
*never sent original PSD or layered files - only final JPG
*over the top suggestions (especially with sexual or present day references)

Knowing that I could trace and digitally complete any bad illustration I knew I could do anything provided I got the drawings. What was worse is when he finally did send me "complete" digital illustrations, they were BOTH not the correct dimensions (wayyyy to small. I asked for 300dpi AND 8" x 8" and he was sending me 200dpi at 1" x 1"). He also refused to listen to my constant notes asking him to send me a LAYERED file and make sure the illustration was border free: so what did I get? Images that were not only touching the borders of the canvas, making it not look nice in the book, but also images that were flat and un-editable. I had to trace every illustration just so the back ground was white. Completely ridiculous. And if I only had to do that for it to be complete I was happy.

Why the tolerated insanity? For one, the illustrations are fantastic. Secondly, not only was it 100% what I wanted, it was cheaper. As a friend, I can offer him hundreds of dollars instead of some crack-pot person I don't know requiring thousands. I was extremely frustrated by most of what he sent me, but I had to calm down and take a breath: this is better than anyone else for this project and you can afford it. It's better than some lesser artist costing you more money.

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