Monday, June 28, 2010


I sent out my first wave of testimonials today. (Today being June 22nd). I just pushed my publishing back (again) another month and am determined to make this one stick this time. So with a firm deadline in mind, I have a month to get someone, two or three. Basically, it's a tough sell. They need to be famous enough to matter but not famous enough to not care. Overall, I think my chance of landing someone is about 5% but it's worth trying.

I am a non-established author and this book will not revolutionize the world, so why would someone established risk attaching their name to it? If you expect a famous person to LOAN you his or her name for your book, they have to get something out of it. Again, don't be delusional that you have the best thing ever. If a famous person loans you his or her name, they are basically your endorsement and their name is attached to it, which means a lot. They know all you want is their name, company or project stamped on the cover or back, so it's nothing personal, making it all business.

Any denies yet? YES! I don't want to name names because honestly, what would I do if I was an established name and I got one of these? (or 5 a month). I'd be hesitant for sure, so I don't blame anyone for passing. The trick is to get their attention- if you get a hold of anyone, that is the real success.

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