Saturday, June 5, 2010


The term "self-publishing" is a dirty word. It implies that you are doing everything yourself, alone, unknowing and turning it in to some cheap printing option that will turn your Word doc into a pile of printed paper. I don't like this term. The actions of self-publishing aren't dirty, but the word is. People don't realize what it takes to make a book so when they think of getting a book out into the world, they seem to think that if you self-publish, you already failed.

"Why not get a publisher to do it?" They ask. Really? Why? I grew up fixated with movies, so that is where my entertainment and media knowledge stems from. If I have the means to make a movie, why waste my time trying to get DREAMWORKS to make it? I mean, that would be awesome, but why waste my time? Why would they hand over $10million to me? You think that is an option? Same thing with a publisher - why would they pay me up front and then invest $X to print and market this book? (especially if I am not famous, not a notable expert, and don't have a slew of books previously published?)

I don't use the word 'self-published' because it's a dirty word. I say I am publishing a book. "How?" People ask. "I started my own company." I reply. That sticks. That gets the message across. In a world where people believe things without knowing why, you have to find a means to not let them down and possibly impress them at the same time. If you make a movie on your own you don't say "I'm self-everything" doing this movie." NO! You tell them you are making a movie and their response is COOL! Same thing with a book - you are publishing a book!

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